True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey

Peter Carey is no slouch.He has chalked up two Booker wins among many other awards.As any antipodean knows,Ned Kelly is the Australian equivalent of Robin Hood.Sort of.The writing style Carey employs is unique.A little unusual.It took me 15 or 20 pages to get used to it.By page 30 I was well into the swing of it and soon realised this was the only way the tale should be told.And a great tale it is,rollicking through the harsh world of Victoria in the 19th century.P.C is surely one of Australia’s finest.

The Last Four Days of Paddy Buckley by Jeremy Massey

Published in 2015,this lilting,easy to read novel by Irishman Jeremy Massey is thoroughly recommended.I always enjoy an author infusing his work with expertise from a profession,hobby or any off-beat discipline.In this case it is undertaking.Massey has combined his former work with the underground scene that is the Dublin ‘mafia’.A fine,satisfying read

Good fiction bad fiction

If you enjoy any of ┬áthese authors,I hope you read further and perhaps discover a “new” writer that you can devour.

here are some (but not all) authors I find way above average

Gabriel Garcia Marquez,William Boyd,Peter Carey,Tim Winton,V.S Naipaul,Paul Auster,Grahame Greene,Ian mccewan,Patrick Suskind,John Banville,Bill Bryson,Dan Rhodes,Patti Smith,Paulo Coelho,Rupert Thompson,Mario Vargas Llosa.

i had better stop there.Too many to mention.Hope you get the general gist.Well written works,usually fiction with the odd biography/autobiography thrown in for good measure